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"Mechanical" royalties is the technical term for monies generated from digital sales and downloads. We are in the generation were cds are obsolete and streaming is were it's at! If you are independent you want to have a stream of income coming in based off your online views, streams, and downloads. Digital distribution is just like having a record deal and you can do it all right from your own home. There are a handful of platforms for you to choose from to get the ball rolling with this and for us we chose to go with "TuneCore". TuneCore offers non-exclusive rights to distribute your music world-wide, however they maintain "Exclusive" rights for sync placements. (Which means licensing your music to tv & film). What we do is license some of our beats with them, while holding on to others and licensing them out to different publishers. This is a wise thing to do because it gives you the ability to still own the sync right in case you have a golden opportunity with a music supervisor independently. Always research your options and never sign something without learning the full meaning behind it. - CT ”
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