1. Palm Trees
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Hook: Palm Trees Let Me feel that Calm Breeze (Chill)

Verse 1: coming icy cold as winter up in Wichita. (Wichita) Looking like a superstar (Superstar) Got a cameo on selfie switching camera angles (Selfie angles) Brendel stripe Bully Cincinnati Bengal. (Cincinnati Bengal) Ain't that easy trying to stack up when ya bread is late Keep a side stash got to spend it even though they hate I stay solo, see me riding in a whip that's so low Keep a diamond in the whip that's so glow Pretty color aqua on the whip that was so cold. Make you sneeze finna get contagious I been doing this since the cave man ages Writing ill matic in my notebook pages Setting off levels till they go through rages (go through rages) In a city where the terms get gritty, See us on a mission turn a buck to a fifty With the energy inside of me it went from comradery into a tool that gave me the keys to the city. Heading to a place where the sun shine late and beach stay laced with a caveat taste. Don't make haste what a waste if you wait just wait Imma hit you with a legendary mase like blaw..

Hook: Palm Trees Let Me feel that Calm Breeze (Chill) (Repeat 8x)

Verse (2): Fine dining got the finest on my dinner table (Dinner table) Wifey diamonds blinding don’t look at her ankle (At her ankle) I don't like to rent it if I buy I pay for keeps (Pay for keeps) Keep the bars Hot as a pepper on Jamaica's Beach (Jamaica's Beach) Hitting that high note, I be whipping in the city like 5-0 Really don’t take much to a Rhino Ramming through the corners slight tipsy as a whine-o Pet peeves make you feel sedacious Dropping off a level it can get outrages Hunting for an anecdote my game is aimless Feeling like its puberty you going through stages
(Going through stages) unh Roll with me if you got my back, We don't ever front less you bout that stack Let it belly up we can drop 5 racks And I'm a keep a cut you can keep half that (that's hot) Got to re it up right now, You know I'm coming through with a pack right now A little too hot for the rats right now they in traps right now imma make em bow down like blaw.

Hook: Palm Trees Let Me feel that Calm Breeze (Chill) (Repeat 8x)