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Hook: Vocal Harmony (Your Peace)

Verse (1):
It’s too early for the drama ain’t nobody but us. Light bill pass due I’m out here catching the bus. Tried the train station first had to be there by seven, missed it by six minutes bums whining and begging. I ain’t no better cause I’m short, never high on pay. Mom asked you lose your house I’m just a paycheck away. By the time I get to work boss pulled me aside. Told me if I’m late again kiss this job goodbye. Got to figure something out it’s getting too hot to handle. Bill collectors want it now so it’s time to do battle. I been broke since 02 I don’t know what to do. Gave my landlord a flyer saying I owe you. On a job hunt daily trying to figure this out. It’s a job trying to find one it’s no way out. Got a call from my friend it was cool at first. Then he asked for a rack how can my day get worst I told him yo…

Hook: Vocal Harmony (Your Peace)
Hook background speech: Yo I need a little peace and quiet man. Trying to juggle all this got me going crazy. Just a little down time should help a lot I think. I mean you already know rent due, it’s the first of the month I ain’t got nothing on it. Something got to give I mean it’s either that or I’m going to have to find another hustle to make ends meet. Only problem with that is I already got 3 other gigs back to back. So what’s the solution here?

Verse (2):
Trying to save bread crumbs just to get me a plate, eating ramen noodles dreaming of a lobster and steak. Working harder than before guess it ain’t my time, got a million different things running through my mind. It’s the story of America it ain’t hard to find. You can become anything I found out that’s a lie. A couple gigs hit me back but the pay is too low, I guess I’m stuck here until I find somewhere to go now check it. If you got a game plan you got to make it happen. The game plan is to get it keep your digits stacking. Make it when it count move up past the attic. Play your cards royal flush keep it real no capping. Yo they going talk, let ’em talk we stay on the prize. Cash rules work your way up to an enterprise and tell ’em yo….
I need a little peace and quiet.